How to Earn money online

How to Earn money online

How to earn money online? A lot of people asking to me how to earn money online so today I will discourse How to Earn Money online let’s start so first of all no need for any course to earn money online because a lots of article on Google and a lots of video on YOUTUBE So no need to any paid course and don’t visit any institute
this is some way of online earning…

1 Blogging

blogging is a powerful method to earn money online many bloggers’ income is a million and they have become very rich from blogging. in the blogging field, you don’t have any knowledge of programming you can use WordPress to your blog and you can also use Blogger to blogging. blogging is free provided by Google and its blog promote by google self 


YOUTUBE is the second powerful method to earn money online because google self promotes Youtube’s video on google search so if generate passive income through youtube you must have h a youtube channel creating a youtube channel is very simple and create videos according to your desired niche. (niche is a specific topic of your youtube channel )

3. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a business strategy. for example, in a small shop in the big city if the shopkeeper wants to make traffic on her shop then he hires a Digital marketer who diverted traffic on google and all social media platform  

4 Freelancing

if you want to work contract base on your home as work from home you do freelancing once you make an account on a freelancing website and make client on freelancing portal in freelancing you need a specific skill according to your profile and make portfolio then you become a successful person 


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